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Our /e/ OS phone

Powered by Android, privacy- instead of data-driven.

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You are looking for a phone, which does not share your data with third parties unless you explicitly want to share data?

You still want to benefit from the features of modern Android systems?

Have a look at our humbleOne!

Our phone is made to regain control about your privacy. Known comfort of a modern smartphone operating system combined with consequent protection and control over your privacy and data.

Our humbleOne is powered by a state-of-the-art Google-free Android operating system, allowing you to use all Android apps without your data ending up on Google's servers. Powered by the e foundation’s own AppStore, there is no need for a Google account to install apps. Installing apps does not even require any further account.

Our software

  • Modern Google free Android operating system
  • Regular security and software updates
  • Optional non-Google cloud to share your data
  • Google-like comfort without disclosing your identity to Google
  • Private communication stays private
  • Support from IT security and privacy specialists and a software adapted in Germany

Our hardware

  • Modern Google free Android operating system
  • 16 cm (6.3 inch) display, 2340 x 1080 Pixel, 19.5:9 FHD+ V-Notch display
  • Octa Core CPU (8 x 2.0 GHz), 4G LTE, supports VoLTE and VoWiFi
  • 4700 mAh lithium polymer battery with 9V 2A PE+ fast charging
  • 16 MP + 2 MP dual camera with ArcSoftR optimization and 16 MP front camera
  • 64 GB internal memory (microSD card (up to 256 GB))
  • Up to 15W wireless charging and NFC
  • Face ID and fingerprint sensor with multi-functions
  • USB Type-C with On-The-Go function (e.g., to plug-in Type-C USB sticks)
  • Android™ 10.0 (with Over-the-Air-Updates)

Lots of (upgradable) space, resistant and combined with razor sharp image quality

Our phone offers you the perfect size with a high resolution display for your photos, videos and everything else you love to view or share. With a resolution higher than most of the current displays in offices, the display leaves nothing to be desired. Even if your phone gets treated a little rough, the 2.5D glass will protect it from dirt and scratches.

Powerful, enduring and expandable

With its eight cores and 4GB of ram the processor allows you to both multitask and while being energy saving at the same time. Also, even if you run out of your 64GB internal memory, you can still extend your storage within seconds with an additional microSD card. Finally even USB-C sticks can be attached to the device if you need to get data from or to your phone.

Apart from storage, the phone also allows you to use two SIM cards which enables you to easily use additional SIM cards for roaming scenarios.


There is no need for Google to take good pictures. You can either use the 16MP for taking pictures or the 2MP camera for selfie video calls. None of your pictures will end up in any Google cloud or ecosystem.


Even though the phone is free of Google, our phone still allows you to either use the fingerprint sensor or a PIN to unlock the phone as you are used to. Furthermore the whole disk is fully encrypted against physical intruders.

Additionally, the e foundation is maintaining a phones security updates for a longer time, than the usual phone manufacturer, allowing you to securely use the phone for a longer time with the latest android security updates.


The big battery allows you to use your phone for at least a day or even longer. With our energy saving operating system without any unnecessary Google processes running in the background, your battery will last even longer. You can charge the battery with the fast MediaTek Pump Express+ technology (PE+) or wirelessly.


How can Android be used on the phone without sharing data with Google?

Google does provide the source code of Android to the public without any charge. This allows third parties like the e foundation to provide the system without any Google service and since the source code is distributed as open source, it is possible to double-check that no communication with Google is taking place here.

What are the limits of your phone?

The phone can be used the same way as any other Google phone. /e/OS allows you to use Google's push service with the help of microG which works as an interface for Google's push service.

With microG your app can still make use of all push notifications while microG is not sharing any more data than absolutely necessary to perform the service. However, if it comes to very sophisticated apps like some banking-apps, you might face some issues. Please reach out for us if you need support here.

What can I do if something does not work?

Together with your humbleOne you will receive a support key which allows you to contact us at any time with questions regarding /e/OS or the humbleOne. Please check out our contact section to reach out for us.

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